• What is Rightsourcing? And why you should care

    What is Rightsourcing? And why you should care

    Download When it comes to sourcing models, there are many terms to digest: insourcing, reshoring, outsourcing, offshoring, onshoring, nearshoring and so on.All are familiar in the IT industry.
  • The Phishing Breakthrough Point

    Download Utilizing security awareness computer based training and simulated phishing security tests can be effective tools to reduce unintentional insider threats.However, if robust metrics are not put in place, phishing tests can create organizational social engineering blind spots.
  • Panda Gold Protection (2017)

    Panda Gold Protection (2017)

    Compare Similar ProductsCompare Symantec Norton Security Deluxe (2017) %displayPrice% McAfee LiveSafe (2017) %displayPrice% Bitdefender Total Security 2017 %displayPrice% Kaspersky Total Security (2017) %displayPrice% Trend Micro Maximum Security (2017) %displayPrice% Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete %displayPrice% Panda Internet Security (2017) %displayPrice% Panda Global Protection (2017) %displayPrice% Comodo Internet Security Complete 10 %displayPrice% This product's pricing is above and beyond typical.The old-school product line starts with Panda Antivirus Pro, expands through Panda Internet Security and Panda Global Protection, and winds up at Panda Gold Protection.
  • Report: Endpoint Protection Ransomware Effectiveness

    Download It's estimated that in 2016, the cost of ransomware was over $1 Billion, making it the most lucrative criminal business model in the history of malware.In this report we examined survey data of who is at risk, what the scope and cost of an attack is, how organizations are protecting themselves from ransomware, and the effectiveness of their endpoint protection.
  • SSL: Enterprise's New Attack Frontier

    SSL: Enterprise's New Attack Frontier

    Download Secure sockets layer (SSL) and transport layer security (TLS) have become an integral part of the Internet, and adoption rates have skyrocketed.More than 45% of websites are encrypted today (up to 30% in October 2015) and 40-50% of enterprise traffic is encrypted, compared to just 25-35% in 2013.
  • The New Normal: Cloud, DevOps, and SaaS Analytics Tools Reign in the Modern App Era

    Download State of IT Operations and Modern App ToolsAs trends such as cloud computing and DevOps become the de facto standard, organizations are increasingly looking for next-generation analytics tools and services that provide continuous intelligence to help them build, run, and secure modern applications, and to accelerate their journey to the cloud.However, they struggle with challenges related to security, siloed tools, and customization.
  • Apple May Turn Siri Into a Voice Security Guard

    Apple May Turn Siri Into a Voice Security Guard

    If you own a device running Siri, all it takes to get her attention is to utter the phrase "Hey, Siri.Patently Apple discovered a patent filed by Apple describing a system where Siri is capable of learning to recognize specific voices.
  • BullGuard Internet Security (2017)

    BullGuard Internet Security (2017)

    Kaspersky Internet Security, tested by all five labs, managed a near-perfect 9.2 points earned by Panda Internet Security.
  • 20 Cybersecurity Startups To Watch - 2016

    20 Cybersecurity Startups To Watch - 2016

    Download With an epic year in cybersecurity venture funding behind us and lots of money still flowing to startup coffers in 2016, expectations continue to grow for a blossoming crop of security startups.Here's a cheat sheet of some of the movers and shakers most likely to continue making waves in this year.
  • The Top 3 Reasons Enterprise Cloud Applications Need Intelligent Transport Networks

    The Top 3 Reasons Enterprise Cloud Applications Need Intelligent Transport Networks

    Download Driven by the need for greater productivity and lower costs, enterprises around the globe are moving their applications to the cloud.Today, nine out of 10 enterprises are using at least one cloud application to increase productivity and reduce cost.
  • How to Build a Security Operations Center (on a Budget)

    Download This eBook provides an in-depth look at how organizations with limited resources can set up a successful operations center for monitoring, detecting, containing, and remediating IT threats across applications, devices, systems, networks, and locations.The chapters you'll read focus on:- The roles and responsibilities involved in a security operations team- The key processes you'll need to build a security operations center- The essential security monitoring tools needed for a fully functional security operations center- How threat intelligence is used in a security operations center- Real world examples of how organizations have used AlienVault USM to power their security operations centerFor many organizations with limited resources (time, staff and budget), building a SOC supported by multiple monitoring technologies and real-time threat updates seems like a daunting task.
  • 451 Research Report: AlienVault USM Anywhere

    451 Research Report: AlienVault USM Anywhere

    Download In this report, you'll read 451 Research's review of AlienVault USM Anywhere.USM Anywhere is AlienVault's offering of centralized security information and event management for resource-constrained organizations embracing Amazon and Microsoft cloud architectures.
  • Beginner's Guide to Hybrid Cloud Security

    Beginner's Guide to Hybrid Cloud Security

    Download In this AlienVault Beginner's Guide, you'll learn about challenges that affect both cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure environments, and the best methods for detecting and overcoming those challenges.The report covers the following areas:- The Cloud Security Shared Responsibility Model- Familiar Network Security Challenges that Persist in the Cloud- New Security Challenges that Emerge in the Cloud- Hybrid Cloud Security: A Smarter Approach to Threat DetectionDownload this guide now to better understand how to approach threat detection in cloud and hybrid cloud environments
  • Unified Security Management (USM) vs. SIEM: a Technical Comparison

    Download Get a full overview of the changing security landscape, and more importantly insight into the rapidly changing SIEM category, and the reasons that have led to those changes.To offer a complete picture of the changes to SIEM technology, it is valuable for some to understand the context of SIEM market and how (and why) AlienVault differentiates itself from the traditional approach.
  • Android phones are safer than you think, says Google’s head of Android security

    Android phones are safer than you think, says Google’s head of Android security

    It’s a thorny issue that’s not easily solved, but the Android security team has been working hard over the last few years to reduce the risk for users.For example, something like Stagefright was said to potentially impact 95 percent of Android devices.
  • Who's Afraid of the Big Bad IoT?

    Who's Afraid of the Big Bad IoT?

    Much of this is thanks to the poor press that IoT has seen as of late surrounding data security.Yet, we must keep in mind that enterprise IoT is vastly different from consumer IoT.
  • Microsoft Gets Rid of Passwords With Phone Sign-In

    Microsoft Gets Rid of Passwords With Phone Sign-In

    Redmond has a new way to sign into your Microsoft accounts with just your phone—no password necessary.To try it out, add your account details to the Microsoft Authenticator app for iOS and Android, then enter your Microsoft username.