• HP EliteBook Gets Sure View To Block 'Visual Hacking'

    HP EliteBook Gets Sure View To Block 'Visual Hacking'

    In this webinar we'll explore ways to prove the old guard wrong by showing that security and DevOp Privacy screens on the HP EliteBook 1040 and HP EliteBook 840 will keep shoulder-surfers from spying on your machine.If you have one of HP's new laptops, all you need to do is press a button to ensure privacy.
  • Evernote Backtracks on Privacy Policy

    Evernote Backtracks on Privacy Policy

    The company recently introduced new rules authorizing employee access to users' saved scribblings.Instead, Evernote will revise its existing policy "to address our customers' concerns, reinforce that their data remains private by default, and confirm the trust they have placed in Evernote is well founded," Greg Chiemingo, senior director of communications, wrote in a blog post.
  • Norton WiFi Privacy (for Android)

    Norton WiFi Privacy (for Android)

    Depending on how you look at it, Norton WiFi Privacy compares favorably on price, but the rest of its offering comes up short.For example, a Norton WiFi Privacy subscription covers only a single device.
  • Steganos Privacy Suite 18

    Steganos Privacy Suite 18

    Several components of the Steganos Privacy Suite are available as standalone products.If you get this password manager as part of the Steganos suite, you might as well use it.