BitTorrent replaces CEO Eric Klinker with co-CEOs Jeremy Johnson and Robert Delamar


BitTorrent today announced a big business reshuffle. The company has named two new co-CEOs, Jeremy Johnson and Robert Delamar, hired David Chidekel as head of business development, and appointed Straith Schreder as VP of Creative Initiatives. What will all these executives be trying to do? The same thing the company has been attempting since day one: Leverage the peer-to-peer file sharing protocol into a viable media business.

Specifically, BitTorrent is promising to deliver two products. The first is a refresh of its Bundle platform, which will let content creators offer ad-supported live streaming. The second is “a multichannel app” based on BitTorrent Live technology.

Current CEO Eric Klinker is stepping down but will remain at BitTorrent “in a technical role,” a BitTorrrent spokesperson told VentureBeat. “Eric has been an important part of BitTorrent and its history and stays with us. He has some initiatives in the works.”

Here’s a quick overview of the new executives and what they will be doing:

BitTorrent first launched Bundle back in May 2013 with the hope of giving artists control over how they distribute their content and how they connect with their fans. More than 30,000 active artists are currently on the platform (including big names like Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, and Madonna).

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