Vimeo woos developers with white-listed API access program


Vimeo has announced a new program that allows third-party products and companies to integrate more deeply with the online video-streaming platform.

With the Vimeo Integration Partners (VIP) program, the New York-based firm is looking to push Vimeo front and center by making it easier for creators to edit, review, store, and distribute their video-based content. This involves giving third-party products special access to its APIs. While the company has already provided API access to developers wishing to integrate with Vimeo, the new VIP program provides “white-listed” access to Vimeo, meaning members can not only enable their users to publish videos and related data directly to Vimeo; they can also pull in content from Vimeo and publish it to their own services.

Additionally, the new partners’ program gives third parties access to a dedicated developer support team, as well as to other promotional opportunities across Vimeo.

To kickstart the program and try to lure other companies on board, Vimeo has signed up a number of big-name brands. In terms of editing, Vimeo has brought on board Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Camtasia, Magix, WeVideo, and Telestream, who will further integrate Vimeo into their respective editing tools to expedite the process of exporting videos directly to Vimeo. Cloud storage is also a key service for creators, which is why Vimeo is touting partnerships with third-party storage facilities such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.

You may also remember that Vimeo announced a partnership with Wipster back in February. This was to bring new video-collaboration features to the mix, meaning creators can share and solicit feedback on videos in private. Now, Vimeo is promoting this service as a part of its VIP program.

In terms of distribution beyond Vimeo itself, VIP members will also be able to submit their films for consideration in movie festivals, through integrations with Amazon / IMDb subsidiary Withoutabox, as well as through Film Freeway.

With YouTube hogging the user-generated video content limelight, Vimeo has always pitched itself as a platform for creatives, rather than for those seeking to upload cute cat flicks (though Vimeo can be used for that too). Vimeo On Demand launched back in 2013 and allows anyone to sell TV shows and movies direct to viewers. And last week, Vimeo revealed a tie-up with Spotlight Cinema Networks that will see some of its short-form clips beamed to the silver screen.

With the VIP program, it’s clearer than ever that Vimeo is striving to position itself as the go-to video platform for filmmakers and creatives, away from the white noise that permeates YouTube.

“At Vimeo, our mission is to empower creators to make, share and sell amazing videos in the highest quality possible,” explained Michael Weissman, general manager at Vimeo. “With the Vimeo Integration Partners program, we are teaming up with premier video editing, review, storage and distribution products to improve experiences for both Vimeo’s community of video creators and our partner’s customers.”

Vimeo is inviting interested companies to apply for inclusion in the VIP program here, and you’ll be pleased to know it’s free to join if you’re accepted.

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