Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Will Help You Snooze


LAS VEGAS—From Goldilocks to the Princess and the Pea, the virtues of a good mattress are permanently etched into our cultural psyche. But despite the upgrades to our phones, computers, and even appliances, most of us are probably still sleeping on traditional spring coils or memory foam. Sleep Number is looking to change that here at CES with its new Sleep Number 360 smart bed.

Back in 2014, Sleep Number unveiled its SleepIQ technology, which tracks heart rate, breathing, and motion continuously. Now, it's taken that data and combined it with a new mattress and its FlexFit adjustable base with the aim of creating a bed that can cater to your personal sleeping habits.

Just how smart is the Sleep Number 360? For starters, it self-adjusts throughout the night depending on your sleep patterns. So if you move from your back to your side, the bed's SleepIQ platform will recognize the movement and adjust how soft or firm the mattress is, based on the contour of your body. And if you sleep with a partner? The bed is dual-adjustable, so you can have your side the way you like it—and the SleepIQ software tracks each individual separately.

Speaking of pesky bedmates, another neat feature is that the Sleep Number 360 can tell if you, or your partner, is snoring. Once it does, the bed will automatically lift the offending snorer's head seven degrees—which if it works as intended, is sure to save many relationships and marriages alike.

Sleep Number is also keen to help you use your data to craft a more regular sleep routine. Using the SleepIQ app, users can program their bed to fit their nighttime rituals. So if you plan to go to bed at midnight, the app will send reminders of when you should start getting ready for bed, turn on the foot waring features 15 minutes beforehand, and then adjust to your favorite position for reading before sleep. Then, based on when you've set your alarm, the app will wake you up the next morning while you're in the lightest stage of sleep.

But the Sleep Number 360 wouldn't be a true smart bed if there wasn't some sort of connectivity and integration with other smart devices. Fitbit users can pair the apps to find out how their workouts impact sleep, while owners with Nest Learning Thermostats can learn their ideal bedroom temperature. The SleepIQ app also works with Apple Health, MapMyRun, Microsoft Health, and Withings Health Mate.

The new Sleep Number 360 will be available in the first half of 2017, both online and in retail stores. There's no specific word on cost just yet, but Sleep Number says the smart beds and bases will be similarly priced to their current line of beds and bases. We'll be demoing the Sleep Number 360 at CES 2017, so check back for more details.

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