Rise and Shine With Slide Smart Curtain System


One of the benefits of staying at certain fancy hotels are the automatic blinds and curtains. Press a button on your bedside table to greet the sun or block out the light in seconds.

For your home, these systems are often prohibitively expensive or complicated to install. That's where the Slide, from Dutch startup Innovation in Motion, comes in. Simply attach Slide to your curtain rail or rod, sync it with your smartphone, and open and close your shades from afar.

The company launched a Kickstarter campaign for Slide this week, and has already topped its €40,000 goal. Early bird perks quickly sold out, but folks can still pre-order one smart curtain system for €69 ($73), two for €120 ($127), or five for €290 ($306). The ultimate smart home buyer, meanwhile, can spend €900 ($949) for two Slides with custom casing. Delivery is expected in June.

Users can set how far their shades open and schedule fixed times for them to automatically open or close.

"With Slide, getting out of bed will be easier than ever before," the company said.

The companion app includes a holiday mode, so users can pre-set how their curtains should act while away on vacation. Slide also features full integration with If This Then That (IFTTT), allowing it to work together with other Internet of Things devices, like smart lights and speakers. The company also tipped voice control for Google Home and Amazon Echo.

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