Proposed Emoji Includes 'Face With Open Mouth Vomiting'


Giraffes, broccoli, and curling stones, oh my! The Unicode Consortium this week proposed a shortlist of 51 emoji for acceptance in Unicode 10, due in mid-2017.

Among the prospective icons are a brain, zombie, and breastfeeding, as well as a number of new faces, foods, animals, people (real and fictional), and articles of clothing.

Barf EmojiThe additions cover many of the emotions running high after this week's presidential election: Unicode is mulling over "grinning face with crazy eyes," "face with open mouth vomiting," and "shocked face with exploding head." Other human-like symbols include bearded person, person climbing, person in lotus position, and person with headscarf.

The latter, if accepted, will make Rayouf Alhumedhi very happy. The 15-year-old Muslim girl in September drafted a proposal to the Unicode Technical Committee requesting an emoji depicting "woman in a headscarf/hijab," "man in a headscarf," and the scarf as a loose item of clothing.

Unicode's current draft does not specify the gender of a person—similar to the new non-gendered "adult," "child," and "older adult" options. Other ambiguous images include the fictional mage, fairy, vampire, merperson, elf, genie, and the aforementioned zombie.

For those looking to convey their mammalian/reptilian side, check out the collection of fresh animals: giraffe and zebra faces, hedgehog, Sauropod (covering Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, and Brachiosaurus), Tyrannosaurus Rex, and cricket.

Foodies, meanwhile, will love the new coconut, pie (sweet or savory), pretzel, cut of meat, sandwich, and canned food emoji, as well as bowl with spoon (indicates breakfast, cereal, congee, etc.) and cup with straw (expressing soda, juice, etc.).

Also keep an eye out for a sled, flying saucer, orange heart, and apparel, like a baseball hat, gloves, coat, and socks. Not all images made the shortlist, though. According to Emojipedia, some of those cut include almond, leafy greens, face with lightbulb, and face banging against wall.

A finalized list of new emoji is expected in June 2017; once approved, Unicode 10 can be pushed out to iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms. Don't get too excited, though: Unicode's release date does not necessarily reflect when the new symbols will hit your phone's keyboard. Apple took four months to integrate last year's icons, for example.

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