Schedule a Meeting on Outlook for iOS


Microsoft today rolled out an update to the Outlook mobile app for iOS that lets you see your co-workers' availability and schedule a meeting.

The new features mimic what's already available via the desktop version of Outlook, as well as in several competing iOS calendar apps like Google Calendar.

Here's how it works, according to a Microsoft blog post: "Once you've created an event from your calendar and added your coworkers to the People field, tap the date picker. If the selected time works for everyone, the day will be displayed in white. If the selected time doesn't work but there other times that do, the day will appear in yellow. And if no time works, the day will show in red. Next, tap the time picker and just drag and drop until it turns green—indicating everyone is available at that time."

Once you save the new event, participants will be notified. To use the new scheduling feature, your Outlook iOS app must be connected to an Office 365 or Exchange account, not the consumer-focused

Today's update continues the trend of recent Outlook mobile app improvements, which have mostly focused on adding third-party integrations and features from the desktop version. An update in September added the capability to display maps and make Skype calls from within the app. In April, Microsoft added the ability to link Wunderlist, Facebook, and Evernote, allowing Outlook mobile users to view events from those services.

Meanwhile, the company is also testing out a premium subscription option for It removes ads and offers personalized email domain names, among other features.

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