Report: Facebook Messenger Adds Voice, Video Calls to Windows 10


Six months after its launch, Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 is adding voice and video calling.

As VentureBeat reports, those using Messenger on Windows 10 desktops can look for the phone icon in the top right corner; a green circle signifies when a friend is active and available. The update means users will no longer have to leave the Messenger app and make a voice or video call from the browser.

Facebook did not immediately respond to PCMag's request for comment, but it confirmed to VentureBeat that the feature is rolling out now. It appears to only be active on the desktop; "Currently, the Windows Phone app does not have voice and video calling," Redmond told the blog.

A free calling option for Messenger arrived on iOS in early 2013, followed by Android in April 2014. A year later, Facebook introduced mobile video chat globally.

It wasn't until April, though, that Windows 10 users gained access to Messenger on the desktop. The app includes reactions; stickers in comments; and a right-hand column showing birthdays, event reminders, and trending topics. Plus, PC users can tap into desktop notifications and pin a Live Tile for updates from friends, family, and Pages they follow. Now, you can add VoIP calling to the mix.

The social network recently boasted more than 300 million voice and video callers, VentureBeat says.

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