SNL Tackles 'Stranger Things' Mystery


The 2016 presidential election can provide only so much fodder for late-night comedy sketch shows. So Saturday Night Live has turned to another cultural phenomenon gripping the nation: Stranger Things.

The Netflix original series follows three kids, one "weirdo," and their family and friends on a quest to find a missing boy and defeat the terrifying forces that took him. Since the first season's eight episodes hit the streaming site in mid-July, fans have been speculating about what comes next for Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Eleven, and The Upside Down.

In the SNL sketch (below), show runners Matt and Ross Duffer provide a sneak peek at season two. "Next season, we're solving some of the first season's biggest mysteries," they promise. "Like, where is The Upside Down? Is Barb coming back? And where is that black kid's family?"

That "black kid" is Lucas (played by Sasheer Zamata), and the spoof features Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson as his parents, who we see only briefly in season one; they have no lines. They order him to come home since children in the town "have been getting snatched up by kidnappers."

The kids try to explain that kidnappers aren't the problem; it's the Demogorgon—but that only gets the side-eye from Lucas's parents. Watch the full sketch above, but look for an appearance from Eleven, Will's mom, and some commentary on the current state of our criminal justice system courtesy of Police Chief Jim Hopper.

Little is actually known about what's next for the popular TV show. According to PCMag sister site IGN, however, (MINOR SPOILER ALERT) the Duffer Brothers promised to "explore the repercussions of everything that happened," and "make sure there's some justice for Barb."

But those hoping she may return to Indiana should not hold their breath for a happy ending. "I can assure you Barb is very much dead," David Harbour (Jim Hopper) said during the weekend's New York Comic Con.

Stranger Things is set to return in 2017 the fall of 1984, with nine episodes and at least four new characters.

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