Second Clinton-Trump Matchup Is Most Tweeted Debate Ever


Sunday's second US presidential debate made history—on the Internet, at least.

According to Twitter, Sunday's match was the "most tweeted ever," with more than 17 million debate-related messages sent last night.

People flocked to social media yesterday to share their thoughts on the second of three debates between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump. With less than a month to go before Election Day 2016, the real-estate mogul dominated online conversation with 64 percent of tweets; former Secretary of State Clinton accounted for 36 percent.

Twitter users did manage to tear themselves away from Trump's most recent scandal long enough to also talk about terrorism, foreign affairs, the economy, healthcare, and guns.

It was the GOP candidate's disagreement, however, with running mate Mike Pence over Syria that became top tweeted Moment. When informed of Pence's call for US military intervention there, Trump told moderator Martha Raddatz that "He and I haven't spoken, and I disagree."

The second most shared Moment came when Trump insisted his opponent answer a question first—because he is "a gentleman"; the third top-tweeted Moment was when he told Clinton she'd be jailed under his administration.

In terms of followers, the one-time First Lady walked away from the 90-minute debate Twitter victorious; she gained 25,000 new followers to Trump's 16,000.

It's unclear how many followers This Muslim American Life author and Brooklyn College, CUNY professor Moustafa Bayoumi earned for this post, which was the top retweeted comment of Sunday night. As of press time, the post—which mocks Trump's call for Muslims to "come in and report when they see something going on"—has collected 74,000+ retweets, and 130,000+ likes.

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