Connect 50+ UE Speakers With 'PartyUp'


The summer halcyon days are over, but the party doesn't have to end.

Ultimate Ears today introduced a new app feature, PartyUp, that lets users wirelessly connect more than 50 UE speakers, including the UE Boom, Boom 2, and Megaboom.

"Whether you and your crew are on a rooftop without a power outlet, or 50 of your closest pals are floating down a river without a dry spot in sight, PartyUp lets the party grow within seconds," UE general manager Charlotte Johs said in a statement.

Ultimate Ears also updated its mobile apps to make the pairing process faster and more convenient. Android and iOS users can now see, select, drag, and drop available speakers to join the party in seconds.

The Logitech-owned audio manufacturer last year introduced the Block Party feature, which allows up to three friends to play deejay and pump up the jams from different music services through the same speaker.

An October 2015 app update, meanwhile, included an alarm clock for waking up to your favorite song, as well as the ability to custom-tune speakers using the five-band equalizer, remotely turn the device on and off, and pair multiple UE speakers to amplify the sound.

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