Tinder Stacks Lets You Judge Something Other Than People


Decision making just got a lot easier with Tinder Stacks.

The swipe-happy social network is bringing its yay-or-nay system to iMessage, allowing users to swipe left or right on groups of photos. Not sure which of last night's party shots to post? Stack it. Need input on the right filter for your beach photos? Stack it. Looking for advice on the right outfit to wear for tonight's date? Add it to Tinder Stacks, and let your friends weigh in.

"We know that life is full of difficult decisions," the Tinder team wrote in a blog post With Stacks, "group decision-making drama is a thing of the past," it said.

To start, upgrade your device to iOS 10, which provides access to the iMessage app store. If you don't have the Tinder app installed, tap the App Store logo to add it. Then launch Tinder Stacks from iMessage, tap "Start a Stack," and select your photos. Name and review your Stack—your vote counts, too—and send it to your crew. Once everyone has entered their "hot or not" opinion, tap on the Stack to see the final results.

"With every swipe, the world becomes a happier place—it all stacks up," Tinder said.

Everyone else can stick to texting a barrage of images to everyone in their address book and hoping someone will respond with a thumbs-up emoji.

This marks the latest effort by the mobile dating service to expand its audience: Over the summer, it launched Tinder Social in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, the UK, and the US, allowing users to create groups and make plans like a bar crawl, local gig, or house party.

And earlier this week, Tinder turned up the volume with Spotify. Users can now broadcast a Spotify-hosted song from their profile, display and listen to favorite artists in the app, and swipe to see who shares their taste.

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