iMessage App Store Launches With Stickers, More


Apple has unlocked its new iMessage App Store. It's open now to iOS 10 beta users and will be available to those who upgrade to iOS 10 later today.

In July, Cupertino released the beta version of its upcoming OS, as well as its first animated sticker packs for iMessage.

Some of the smartphone-ready designs may look familiar to Apple Watch wearers: the Smileys, Hearts, and Hands emoji apps are being rolled over from the watchOS platform. The Classic Mac pack, meanwhile, features original Macintosh icons—pixelated black-and-white drawings of a computer, trash can, paint bucket, etc.—designed by Susan Kare.

There is now a Super Mario Run Sticker pack, and users can look for themed packs from brands like Disney, Bandai Namco, Sanrio, and more, 9to5Mac reports.

Housed in the iMessage app drawer, stickers can be integrated into a conversation just as you would any emoji. You can also "peel and place" them into chat bubbles and onto images, or even double them up with other stickers. The digital shop also features apps like Square Cash, OpenTable, and JibJab, as well as games.

As Apple outlined at WWDC, the App Store is part of an iMessage overhaul in iOS 10. Cupertino is adding the ability to send "invisible" messages and handwritten notes, as well as rich links for viewing videos and photos directly in the app, and emoji suggestions.

Users will also find a redesigned lock screen; open-source Siri; redesigned Photos, Music, and Maps apps; a new Home app for better automation; and the option to remove many of Apple's built-in applications.

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