New York Times to Shutter NYT Now App


The New York Times will shutter its Now mobile app later this month.

As the paper's first standalone news app outside its core application, NYT Now let readers quickly catch up on the most important news all day via articles, videos, infographics, and slideshows. It launched in April 2014 for $8 per month, but later transitioned from subscription-based to free. It will no longer be available to download as of Aug. 29, and news updates will end in September.

At its peak in May 2015, NYT Now boasted 334,000 total unique users, but averaged only 257,000 in the last three months, the Times reports. The app has now been integrated into the NYTimes app.

"We are retiring NYT Now because we've incorporated so much of it into all of the Times's digital platforms, in particular the NYTimes app," NYT Now editor Michael Owen and assistant masthead editor Clifford Levy wrote in a Thursday announcement.

Some NYT Now features—including the morning, evening, and weekend briefings and mini crossword—will be published in the NYTimes app, which is based on the Times's subscription model and offers 10 free articles each month.

Registered users of NYT Now will receive an email with a special offer for a Times digital subscription. Those subscriptions, which date back to 2011, range in price from $3.75 per week to $9.40 per week.

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