18 Geeky Summer Projects to Keep Kids Busy


Summer is here... and kids are probably already bored. Perhaps yours need some distractions to keep from driving you up the wall?

It's easier than ever to find creative projects to keep the little ones entertained. Unfortunately, some require a Ph.D. in crafting (check out PinterestFail.com for a laugh). But you don't have to be Martha Stewart (or Bill Nye the Science Guy ) to have some geeky, crafty fun this summer.

Pinterest, for example, is a treasure trove of possible projects for the jaded, seen-it-all children of today, but we found 18 that will (hopefully) not cause too much of a mess and keep the kids (as well as mom and dad) intrigued. Check them out in the slideshow, and let us know what other geeky projects you've been up to in the comments below.

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