Wink Relay Update Integrates Fitbit, Uber, and IFTTT


Wink Relay, the smart home hub that acts as a light switch replacement, is getting a few updates today.

Now you can follow your Fitbit progress and order an Uber through the Wink Relay's touch-screen interface. If you have more than one Relay, you can use their microphone and speaker functions to turn the devices into an in-home intercom system. In addition, Relay can now integrate with If This Then That (IFTTT).

By logging into your IFTTT account on your desktop, you can create recipes and assign the Relay's two physical buttons to trigger certain actions. For example, if you have kids, your child can tap one of the Relay's buttons to send a text to your phone saying, "Hey, I'm home safe." Another example: Press the Relay button to send a signal to the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home, so you can an entire A/V system on or off.

The new Fitbit integration works when you download its new widget from the Relay's home screen. So far, you can only view your step count goal and progress on the Relay's screen; you won't see calories burned, distance traveled, or any other fitness stats. Still, the Relay update is meant to motivate anyone who walks by their Relay and happens to notice their progress ticking upward.

Uber is the most comprehensive Relay widget in this update since it works almost exactly like the original app. When you open the widget for the first time, you can sign into your Uber account and have your location and credit card information automatically carry over into the Relay. Similar to the Uber app, you can order a ride, see its ETA, and as the cab gets closer, check out the driver's name, picture, and make, model, and license plate of the car. Plus, if there's surge pricing, the Relay will warn you to confirm the price; if you need to cancel a cab, just tap on the Relay touch screen. This particular integration could be helpful when getting ready in morning—just tap to order a car, or use your voice to order one through Relay's Amazon Alexa capability.

Lastly, the Relay's microphone and speakers have been updated so you can turn multiple Relays into an intercom system. All you have to do is press the microphone icon on the touch screen, speak into the mic, and broadcast to other Relays in your home.

The free update is available across all versions of the Wink Relay now.

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