Uber Drivers Can Control Pandora Jams


Uber passengers have had the option to tune their ride's car radio to Spotify Premium since 2014, but Uber is now letting drivers listen to Pandora from within the Uber driver app.

Chauffeurs in the US, Australia, and New Zealand can now log in or create an account to listen ad-free for a limited time (offer ends Dec. 28) via Bluetooth or an AUX cable. On-the-clock drivers using a mobile navigation system will notice a quieter version of Pandora, which automatically plays at a lower volume so you don't miss a turn or other Uber notifications.

Start by choosing an artist, song, or genre, then let Pandora do the heavy lifting: The music service plays tracks based on your interests (so give your favorites a thumbs up) and evolves over time.

"We know from your feedback that easy access to high-quality music makes a difference, and that struck a chord with our team," product managers Holly Ormseth and Bob Cowherd wrote in a blog announcement.

The new feature is rolling out this week, so keep an eye out for a message in the Uber Partner app.

"Everything you need to play music, discover new artists, and save songs is all in one place," the blog said. "There's no need to bounce back and forth between apps or fiddle with the radio."

A Pandora music experience for riders, meanwhile, is coming soon, Uber promised.

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