Google CEO's Quora Account Hacked


It's just another manic Monday for Sundar Pichai: The Google CEO appears to have been hacked.

A group of hackers, who have also hit accounts owned by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Spotify chief Daniel Ek, posted messages on Q&A site Quora via Pichai's account. Since that account is connected to Pichai's Twitter profile, the hackers' messages were also broadcast to the CEO's 500,000-plus social media followers.

"Today, we checked Sundar Pichai Security, and we got access to his Twitter [and] Quora accounts," the hackers, known as OurMine, wrote in a Monday blog post. "His security was really weak."

The same was said of Zuckerberg, who fell victim to OurMine earlier this month when they took over his Twitter and Pinterest accounts. In a tweet, the attackers said Zuck's password was one of more than 100 million obtained by an attacker in a 2012 LinkedIn hack.

Then last week, Ek's Twitter account was infiltrated because, like the others, "his security was really weak."

Though the CEOs in question would likely disagree, OurMine says it is "just testing your security." According to the collective's website, it offers a range of security coverage: social media accounts ($99.99), websites ($1,000), website accounts ($500), and company scans ($5,000).

"We never change their passwords, we did it because there [are] other hackers [who] can hack them and change everything," OurMine told The Next Web.

OurMine, Google, and Quora did not immediately respond to PCMag's requests for comment.

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