Siri Calls Ambulance for Sick Baby


An Australian woman used Apple's digital personal assistant to dial an ambulance when her one-year-old daughter stopped breathing. As told by the BBC, Stacey Gleeson carried her iPhone 6s into the baby's room to check on her, but dropped it when turning on the light.

Gleeson's next-gen gadget features hands-free access to Siri. While performing CPR, the frantic mother gave a shout, activating the digital helper. Gleeson asked it to get emergency services on speakerphone, and was able to communicate with the operator while resuscitating the baby. One-year-old Giana had been battling a chest infection and bronchiolitis, the BBC reports, and eventually made a full recovery.

The crisis actually occurred in March, but made headlines this week after Gleeson contacted Apple, which reportedly alerted Australian news outlet 7 News.

"Everybody should be aware of the abilities of their phone," the girl's father, Nic Gleeson, told the station.

Older iPhones must be plugged in before Siri will wake up, but hardware upgrades to the iPhone 6s reduce battery drain and don't require a power source to access the virtual secretary.

"It's helped save our daughter's life and I never thought I'd have to go through something like that," Stacey said.

To turn on Siri on your iPhone, open the Settings menu, then navigate to General > Siri and follow the prompts.

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