Communicate in GIFS With Giphy Keys


Words took another blow today when Giphy released its own GIF keyboard for iOS.

Dubbed Giphy Keys, the iPhone app puts looping clips at your fingertips, making it quicker and easier to express your thoughts and feelings visually.

"We all have those moments. When you know what you want to say, but Kristen Wiig says it better," the company wrote in a blog announcement. "When a tweet needs a touch of spice and a touch fewer characters. When you both swiped right, and it's time to break the ice."

Once you've downloaded the app and enabled Giphy Keys (Settings > General > Keyboard), open almost any app with text input—Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp—and start sharing. Scroll through trending GIFs (currently: Prince, Kimye, dancing Michelle Obama), search by category (mood, memes, movies, etc.), or just start typing to find something specific.

"Keys puts the entire arsenal of Giphy's library beneath your thumbs so you can send GIFs flying into any conversation with a rapid tap-tap-paste," the blog said.

Touch and hold an image to copy or save the GIF, then tap the text box to paste it. Found the funniest GIF that you know multiple people would enjoy? Click the hourglass icon to find recently used clips, or store favorites behind the pixelated heart.

Giphy Keys is smarter than your average third-party keyboard, though: The Magic 8 Ball symbol houses Giphy tools like #echo and #weather, which let users create custom GIFs out of the words they're typing or the local weather forecast.

And, next time someone texts to ask if you should have pizza for dinner or whether you want to see Captain America: Civil War next weekend, let the GIF gods decide via #8ball.

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