Second-Gen August Smart Lock Features Siri Voice Control


The August Smart Lock is about to get even smarter.

August on Thursday introduced its second-generation Smart Lock, featuring support for Apple's HomeKit. That means you can now use Siri to lock or unlock your doors and check the status of your doors using voice commands like "Siri, lock my door," or "Siri, is my door locked?" This feature works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch as well as the fourth-generation Apple TV.

The updated device also boasts a "modified industrial design with a magnetic faceplate" that lets you easily access the battery compartment and HomeKit code, a grippier lock with smoother rotation, and a chrome indicator at the top so you can easily see when the door is locked or unlocked.

The new HomeKit-enabled Smart Lock is available now via Amazon and Best Buy for $229.

Meanwhile on the smart home front, Philips just released a new Hue smart light app for iOS and Android. The second-gen app lets you group all the lights in one room together to control them at the same time, create "light schedules" based on your daily activities, and "extract the color palette from any picture" to create your lighting look. There's also a new home dashboard, which will show you an overview of all the lights across your home.

For more, check out PCMag's full review of the August Smart Lock.

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