Stay Buzzed All Month With This Smart Wine Bottle


Winos, rejoice: Kuvée has a new smart-home product just for you: a wine bottle that keeps your drink fresh for 30 days.

The gadget is available now to pre-order for $199 and is expected to ship before the end of the year. The setup includes a Kuvée bottle (pictured, center) and four wines. Just insert the included wine canister into the bottom of the smart bottle and pour. When you've had enough, remove it and store for up to 30 days.

With the Smart Bottle, a valve system built into the canteens prevents oxygen from touching the liquid, keeping your wine fresh for up to a month after opening. Can't decide between red and white? Decant one of each, without the fear that you'll have to upend an entire bottle before the night is over.

The real intelligence, however, is confined to a small touch screen on the front of the Kuvée Smart Bottle. The Wi-Fi-compatible display offers serving tips and food pairings, and details the number of glasses remaining in each carafe. It also provides insight into how and where the wine was made. Users can rate different wines to get personalized recommendations, which can be purchased directly from the bottle's touch screen or via the Kuvee app or website.

The Smart Bottle is available on Indiegogo, where backers have already pledged more than $64,000. With a month left, early birds can still snag a bottle, plus a selection of hand-picked wines from California vineyards.

You have to buy the wine from Kuvee, though; no BYOB here. "This guarantees that the wine is filled under the watchful eye of our winemakers to assure maximum freshness and quality is delivered to you."

The first 1,000 bottles will ship to California and Massachusetts residents in October 2016.

"Why? California is the largest wine market in the U.S. and Massachusetts is home base to many of our friends, family, and loyal beta users," the company said. "Soon after, we will ship more Kuvée Bottles to additional major wine markets in December 2016, just in time for the holiday season. But rest assured, as long as you live in a state that allows direct to consumer wine shipments we'll will be coming your way soon."

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