Fallout Shelter update streamlines how you manage your postapocalyptic dwelling


Fallout publisher Bethesda is well known for supporting its games for years, and that’s a crucial skill when it comes to expansion to mobile gaming.

The company updated Fallout Shelter, its tycoon-style management game with a post-nuclear winter twist, to include some new features that should make your life as Overseer of the survivors’ vault a little simpler. Most notably, you can now scrap items that you no longer want. You can then use that junk to build the gear and improvements you crave. At the same time, these kinds of updates are always about keeping the most dedicated players happy and getting lapsed fans to return, and Bethesda is attempting to drive that engagement to keep Fallout Shelter earning revenue from the $34.8 billion mobile gaming business.

This is just the latest update to Fallout Shelter. Previously, Bethesda has added content from Fallout 4, bets, and more. When the game launched last June, it immediately shot to the top of the download and grossing charts on iOS. Today, it is far less popular and lucrative, but it is still in the top 200 highest-grossing iPhone apps in the United States and United Kingdom.

While Fallout Shelter started out as a big moneymaker for Bethesda, the company is still clearly making quite a bit more from its triple-A console releases. But today’s additions could help juice those figures and provide the publisher with steady revenues regardless.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what is different with Fallout Shelter as part of its version 1.5 update:

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