Crossy Road gets party-mode multiplayer on Android


Why did the chicken cross the road? Because all his friends were doing it, and the chicken is susceptible to peer pressure.

Crossy Road on Android now has a multiplayer mode that enables up to four people to compete in the Frogger-style arcade action. Like the standard Crossy Road, players need to progress as far as possible to get a high score, but the multiplayer forces you to deal with three of your friends at the same time. Developer Hipster Whale found a ton of early success with Crossy Road, and now new content releases like today’s content update are helping the studio keep it relevant for a mobile-gaming industry worth $34.8 billion.

While you can get the multiplayer mode right now on Android, it won’t hit iOS until May. Typically, mobile games and updates come to iOS first, but Crossy Road publisher Yodo1 is highly focused on the Chinese market, where Android leads.

The Crossy Road multiplayer mode only works locally over Wi-Fi, so you cannot play online. To keep things interesting for you and your friends, the game is simultaneously competitive and cooperative. While you are trying to get the highest score out of the four people playing, your results will also go onto an online leaderboard. And you can maximize your team’s highest scorer by going back and reviving fallen comrades because the session only ends when all four people die.

That should make for some intense session — especially if you can get more than one group of four competing all in the same place.

Multiplayer isn’t the only recent development in the world of Crossy Road. Hipster Whale also just released Disney Crossy Road, which mashes up the film company’s characters with hit game’s pick-up-and-play entertainment. You can check out our quick impression of that app right here.

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