How to make your mobile gaming marketing campaign burst a success


With 8.5 million daily downloads attributed to the top 200 free U.S. App Store apps, and Google Play seeing twice that many downloads, it’s no wonder that every game developer’s dream is to make it to the top of that list. Unfortunately, the competition is pretty fierce. In 2015 Android recorded nearly 600,000 in-store gaming apps and IOs recorded approximately 450,000 gaming apps.

Well, you have two ways to go about it:

Well it can be … if you do it right. Or you can find yourself right back where you started at the bottom, 24 hours later, only this time with substantially lighter pockets.

A burst campaign is a mobile marketing technique that dramatically increases an app’s installations in a tiny period of time, thus gaining instant placement at the top of Apple and Android’s app stores. The mechanism of a burst campaign requires dedicating a budget to achieve a mass amount of installs within a time-span of 48 hours to 72 hours in order to achieve awareness, visibility, store ranking and eventually increased volumes of organic installs.

Burst campaigns come in two major types: incentivized CPI (or Cost per Install) campaigns, and nonincentivized CPI campaigns.

Incentivized CPI campaigns provide you with an instant cost-effective burst of app downloads by offering gamers to install your app in exchange for free rewards within the game they are currently playing (examples include: extra lives, coins, and boosters). This process is extremely effective because the gamer gets an immediate reward, you get your app installed on his device, and a few days and tens of thousands of downloads later, you’re at the top of the charts!

Non-incentivized CPI campaigns are a bit more organic in nature. They don’t involve rewarding users to try your game by offering free goods, but are rather simple marketing ads targeted to other app users in the form of “Install my game because I have a great product I think you’ll enjoy.” Repeat these prompts tens of thousands of times over a couple of days and you’re at top of the charts.

The idea behind  burst campaigns is that once you generate all those installs and make it to the top, you’ll begin to enjoy amazing exposure on a regular basis, and the following two things will occur:

You’ll likely encounter a number of problems along the way, if the process is not set up correctly:

The traffic purchased through incentivized burst campaigns is not always qualitative. Some of the users who installed your game will not go on to use it, while others may have only installed due to the reward provided in exchange for installation.

The problems we mentioned above are real, and they are common pitfalls that many developers have fallen into. It doesn’t mean that they can’t be avoided or overcome. Burst campaigns do work when implemented correctly. Here’s how.

When done correctly, burst campaigns are a highly effective tactical method for gaining user visibility, acquiring a large, qualitative user base in a relatively short amount of time and profiting big. When done incorrectly, they are a really expensive way to gain 24 hours of short-lived fame. So before you “burst,” make sure to clearly define your short and long term goals, keeping in mind how you would like the bigger picture to look. Then plan your campaign’s strategy to maximize cost effective means to reach the highest value users for your app.

Guy serves as senior account Manager at Woobi, a cross screen in-game advertising company, specializing in creating dynamic engagement experiences.

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