VR Bangers and AuraVisor to offer adult virtual reality content in hotel rooms


Virtual reality porn company VR Bangers has partnered with headset manufacturer AuraVisor to offer a headset preloaded with adult content in hotel rooms.

The headset will combine AuraVisor’s wireless VR headset technology with VR Banger’s “immersive porn.” It will initially be available in Las Vegas hotels where it will be called the “VR Bangers Hotel Experience.” VR is expected to become a $30 billion business by 2020, according to Digi-Capital, and the companies are betting porn will be a big part of that.

The experience will cost $20, and you will be able to buy it using a credit card.

“You will then choose a girl or guy of your choice, and see your hotel room replicated in the VR headset, making the experience much more realistic,” the company said in a statemnet. “Next you will hear a knock on the door (in the virtual reality world), and the girl or guy will come into your room in order to enjoy an erotic or sex experience with the viewer.”

Well, that sounds like the next best thing to …. OK, we won’t go there.

At VRBangers.com, the company offers its online VR porn on all kinds of devices including iOS and Android phones, the Oculus Rift, desktop computers, Samsung Gear, and others.

The AuraVisor headset, which has been successfully funded on Kickstarter, is intended to make experiencing virtual reality even easier. AuraVisor is a head-mounted computer (HMC) that works completely independently, without needing to connect to a computer or smartphone. That means no wires, and no installation or configuration.

AuraVisor has a 100-degree field of vision and a 5-inch thin-film-transistor (TFT) screen that offers 1080p high-definition video.

The companies hope their trial in a limited number of Las Vegas hotels is likely to be followed by a larger scale roll-out, as virtual reality porn becomes more and more popular.

VR Bangers said, “While the appeal of virtual reality in gaming and movie watching is obvious, the potential for revolutionizing the porn industry is even more exciting. The true number is not known, but most studies suggest that around 30% of web traffic is adult content. Despite this, the porn industry has remained stagnant for years, and many consumers have become bored by conventional porn. VR porn looks set to shake up this stagnant yet huge market, and VR Bangers and AuraVisor are well placed to benefit from the growing adoption of VR technology.”

VR Bangers is now accepting offers from hotels.

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