Microsoft Tests Digital Refunds, Includes Xbox Games


Microsoft's current policy on digital games is no refunds, as made very clear in the Xbox One FAQ with the line, "No. You can't return a digital game and receive a refund or credit. " But that may be about to change if a refund system currently in testing in Preview Alpha proves popular.

Details of the so-called "Self-Service Refunds" system were posted on Reddit by gaymerRaver. The release notes announcement, included in full below, details an instant refund procedure for digital products purchased through the Microsoft Store. This includes any purchase made for Windows 10 or Xbox One, and therefore includes games.

This system will sound very familiar to anyone who has requested a refund on Steam. In the Reddit thread, user theory_at_work explains the rules.

Microsoft states that a refund can only happen for a digital product if the purchase was carried out less than two weeks ago and the software/game has been used for less than two hours. DLC packs and Season Passes are not eligible for refunds.

The two week/two hour limits seem like a fair amount of time to evaluate whatever it is you purchased. It works well on Steam, so should work equally well for Microsoft's platforms.

For now, this is just a test, but I can't see any reason it won't be rolled out as an official feature before long. Being able to purchase digital products knowing you have ample time to get a refund will surely only encourage more spending.

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