You Can Now Create Your Own Twitter 'Moments' Via Mobile


Beginning now, any mobile user of Twitter can create their very own Moment. Moments, for those not in the know, are a series of tweets that can contain media, such as photos and video, all compiled into a single collection of tweets.

For example, if there was a sporting event, a Moment can highlight various plays from the game, commentary from fans and journalists, and other content. Now, Moments are open to anyone using Twitter, shareable to everyone who follows you. 

If you need inspiration for a worthy first Moment, maybe you recently took a trip and you already have tweeted photos you want to share in a single collection? If that’s the case, simply find the tweets with the photos you want to share, add them to your Moment, choose a cover photo, add a title and you are done.

To get started, grab the latest version of Twitter for Android and have at it.

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