DIRECTV NOW is Live With a 7-Day Free Trial


AT&T’s new live streaming TV service, DIRECTV NOW, is now available if you are interested in cutting the traditional TV cord. This new service is a competitor to Playstation Vue and Sling TV, though the DIRECTV name being attached to it certainly helps with the sales pitch to potential customers now sure about streaming life. 

As we detailed earlier in the week, plans start at $35 and go up to $70 per month. There are four tiers total with channel line-ups starting at 60+ and topping out at over 120. Here are those options:

If interested, the good deal here is the “Go Big” package which starts at $35 as a promo offer. AT&T says that the price will stick for as long as you stay signed up, as well. It could increase over time depending on the channel line-up, but it shouldn’t ever jump up to the full $60.

How do you watch TV with DIRECTV NOW? Well, you need an internet connection in your house and compatible devices. Devices like Amazon’s Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast let you stream NOW to a TV. You’ll also be able to play content on your phone, tablets, and browsers. Unfortunately, Roku isn’t yet supported and there isn’t an Android TV app at all. The full list of devices can be seen here.

What channels do you get? Most of the big networks are now a part of these streaming service. We’re talking ESPN, AMC, TNT, Bravo, FX, MTV, etc. You can view the full channel line-ups for each package at this link.

As of today, DIRECTV NOW is offering a free 7-day trial. Just remember, if you do sign-up for it, that you cancel at the end or they will likely charge you automatically.

We’ll have more on streaming services in the coming weeks.

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