Verizon Black Friday Deals 2016


Yesterday, we highlighted one of the Verizon Black Friday deals for 2016, which included Google’s Pixel phone for as low as $10 per month. Today, Verizon pushed out their whole list of Black Friday deals and I think you’ll want to take a look. The deals include free phones galore (with trade-ins), free $200 VISA gift cards, $200 savings on Android phones $400+, price drops on tablets, and a whole bunch of well-priced accessories.

Ready for the whole list? Have at it.

Explainer: The fine print on bullets 1 and 2 reads as, “Up to $792 device payment purchase required. No money down for qualified customers. Less trade-in and promo credit over 24 months; credit starts within 2-3 cycles and ends when balance paid or line terminated/transferred. Fully-paid off eligible trade-in device in good, working and cosmetic condition required. Visa prepaid card requires port-in and will be mailed within 6 weeks of purchase; lines must be active for 180 days.”

So like the $10 Pixel deal, Verizon is bringing the total cost to zero in bullet 1 by doing a bill credit each month, but you will need to sign-up for a device payment plan. Also, they claim that there are 13 phones eligible for trade-in, but we can’t find that list and have asked them to provide one. Once they do or we find the list, we’ll update this post.

UPDATE: The phones eligible for trade-in are “Apple iPhone 6S, Apple iPhone 6S Plus, Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung Note5, LG V20, LG G5 and Moto Droid Turbo 2.”

To read more about Verizon’s Black Friday deals, hit up this post.

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