T-Mobile Hands Out Free Gogo Inflight WiFi to Everyone This Week, Free Phones Too


T-Mobile announced a handful of additional Black Friday deals today, one of which can be taken advantage of by all of us who plan to travel during the next few days and another that could land you a free phone or two.

For travelers flying in the US this week (from today until November 26), T-Mobile is awarding you with a free hour of Gogo inflight WiFi. This includes non-T-Mobile customers as well, so even if you are on AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, T-Mobile has you covered for an hour on each flight. All you have to do is fly on a flight that offers Gogo inflight internet. 

As for other deals, T-Mobile is bringing back their free-smartphone-with-trade-in promo. The basics are this: trade-in any number of approved phones and T-Mobile will give you one of the top flagships for free or with a big discount. The free phone options include the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, LG V20, and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. You get the free phone by way of monthly bill credit for 24 months, plus you’ll need to be on T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice Unlimited.

An example would be if you want a Galaxy S7 Edge for free, T-Mobile is asking that you trade-in an iPhone 7 Plus, S7 Edge, or LG V20. If you don’t own one of those phones (and if you did, why trade them in?), you could trade-in a Galaxy S6 or Note 5 or regular S7, LG G5, or iPhone 7 and only owe $100. If you own something older, like a G4 or V10 or Galaxy S5, you could get into an S7 Edge for just $200.

That all make sense? If it doesn’t, we have 3 charts for you below that show you exactly what you’ll get for your trade-in and how much you’ll owe on the new phone.


Outside of those deals, T-Mobile plans to slash prices on other items like the Gear VR, UE Boom 2 speaker, and some tablets. For more details, hit up that source link.

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