Verizon Confirms Pixel Black Friday Deal at $10 Per Month


On Thursday and Friday, Verizon is going to give you the best deal to date on the Pixel with 32GB or 128GB of storage. It’s a bit of a tricky one, but should you opt for either storage amount on a device payment plan, you’ll technically only pay $10 or $15 per month, respectively. 

How will that work and why the confusing language? Let me explain! Like the Moto Z Play deal from a couple of weeks ago, Verizon is giving you those low monthly payments in an after-the-fact way. That means they are really just giving you a bill credit each month to get you down to those $10 and $15 per month prices.

The fine print in the deal says that you must purchase the Pixel on a device payment plan. Then, after 2-3 bill cycles, you’ll start to see a monthly credit hit your account to make up for the discount you were promised. That monthly bill credit will be spread out over 24 months (totaling $409.99 for the regular Pixel) when the balance on the phone is paid. In order for you to receive the full credit, you have to keep the line active for 24 months. Sure sounds like a sweet new 2-year contract to me! (That’s sarcasm.)

In related news, Verizon will be one of the new retailers selling Google Home. From November 23 through November 28, Verizon will discount Home to $99.99.

You can buy the Pixel right here.

EDIT: Original post included Pixel XL, but I made a mistake there. The deal is for the Pixel in 32GB or 128GB configurations, hence the $10 or $15 per month prices. Post has been cleaned up to be accurate.

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