Four More Chromebooks Receive Google Play Support Via Developer Channel


Four more Chromebooks are receiving support for Android apps this week, with plenty more to come. The latest Chrome OS devices to receive support through the developer channel are the Dell Chromebook 13, HP 13, Samsung Chromebook 3, and ASUS C301SA. 

Getting Google Play and Android apps up and running is relatively simple. Supported Chromebook owners need only switch over to the developer channel of Chrome OS from inside their Settings menu, reboot the device, and that’s it. With the developer channel, you may experience bugs, so if your experience is a little too janky, you can always switch back to a more stable build.

If you need to know whether or not your Chromebook will ever see Android app support, check Google’s enormous list here.

For an overview of what Android apps on Chrome OS is like, check out our video below.

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