Eero Gets Biggest Update Yet With Alexa Integration, "TrueMesh" Tech, App Improvements


Eero, the smart WiFi system that Google WiFi seems to have modeled itself after, is set to receive it’s biggest platform update to date. That means up to 2x speed improvements on networks, more intelligent WiFi throughout a home, Amazon Alexa integration for controlling your home setup, and a bunch of new features in mobile apps. 

In general Eero network improvements, you can see the full list below as posted by Eero. But as I mentioned, once the update hits your network (and it should be live – at least it was on mine), you should see much faster speeds (up to 2x) between Eeros, TrueMesh technology that tries to “intelligently use the fastest, most reliable path for customers’ WiFi,” adapting your setup to the “complexity” of your network layout. And finally, TrueMesh also allows for systems to add on as many Eero units as needed.

With Amazon Alexa integration, you’ll soon be able to ask your Echo device to find devices in your home, like a phone or laptop or tablet, as long as it is connected to WiFi. You’ll also be able to pause internet by voice and turn off the LED on Eero units as you go to bed or need some extra darkness.

In the newest update to the app, Eero is allowing you to see much more info for connected devices (something that has been needed for a while now), like which devices have solid connections, how much data they use, and which Eero each device is connected to (So much yay.). Outside of that good news, you’ll see ISP connectivity status, placement suggestions for your Eero units, and also be able to control the LED lights, should you not have an Alexa.

As I mentioned, the big network update appears to be live. However, I have not yet seen the Android app update. Be on the lookout!

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