's New Assistant Can Handle Real Tasks on Your To-Do List

... 4.0 is rolling out, and it’s easily the biggest update release for the platform yet. Inside, is marrying three functions: Calendar, To-Do list, and the new Assistant, providing you with an app that not only manages what you have going on in life, but ways it can handle certain tasks for you. 

For 4.0, is introducing a Calendar feature, complete with daily, weekly, and monthly views. With it, users can have an overview of tasks and events taking place, complete with a scheduling feature that lets you find mutually available meeting slots with your colleagues. At launch, Calendar will seamlessly integrate with your existing to-do list, reminders, and notes.

While Calendar is great, one new feature easily makes the update exceptional. With 4.0, is introducing its own assistant, capable of handling tasks on your to-do list for you. According to, after analyzing over a billion tasks captured by the platform, they created an assistant that can truly help you get things done. Once you add a few tasks to a to-do list, Assistant will scan the list automatically, report back which tasks it can get done in the real world, then offers ways it can do them.


Tasks that the Assistant can handle are things like holiday gift shopping, housecleaning, groceries, laundry, and other various tasks. You see, Assistant is a mix of AI and supervising humans. That means if you need a human’s touch, like when picking out a piece of jewelry for that special someone in your life, the digital shopping experience is more personalized. According to, the feature is, “deeply integrated to your everyday tools, reasonably priced at only a 5-15% service fee for a product or service procured, and is not limited to only a handful of vendors.”

At this time, 4.0 and these features are said to be in beta for iOS, with Android availability coming soon. We’ll let you know once it’s all live on Google Play.

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