Samsung Says 85% of Recalled Galaxy Note 7s Replaced, Confirms Battery Limiting Update is Incoming


This afternoon, Samsung provided new details on the status of the Galaxy Note 7 recall and also confirmed that they will push a software update to all remaining Note 7 devices that will limit their batteries and push additional pop-ups to users.

According to a statement provided by Samsung, “nearly 85 percent” of recalled Note 7 devices have been handed in through the Note 7 Refund and Exchange Program. They also mentioned that the “majority” of returnees are swapping for another Samsung phone. Neat. 

Samsung was able to confirm that they will soon begin pushing a software update as well, one that should limit the battery charging capabilities of the phone to 60%. Additionally, the update will push more frequent reminders to the phone owner that the phone is a ticking time bomb. We first reported this update earlier this morning.

15% in the wild, though? Come on people, get rid of your Note 7 already.

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