Galaxy Note 7 Updates Rolling Out to Limit Battery to 60%, Continue to Remind Users of Recall


The Galaxy Note 7 has been dead for almost a month now, but Samsung and its partners are still having to take extra measures to make sure every last device in the wild has been returned. One of those measures is through a software update that will limit the device’s battery while also constantly reminding the owner that it’s time to get rid of it. 

T-Mobile will begin rolling this update out tomorrow as build N930TUVU2APK1. The update limits battery charging to 60%, changes the battery indicator to grey, and will show more frequent recall pop-up notifications. If those last two changes aren’t enough to get someone to finally return their Note 7, I think the 60% battery charge limit should do the trick.

I should also point out that I received a bomb-return kit this week from Verizon for a Galaxy Note 7 that I had pre-ordered. I point that out because I returned that phone during the first recall and haven’t owned a Verizon Note 7 since, yet still got this kit. It’s as if Samsung and Verizon aren’t taking any chances and are willing to do whatever it takes to get these phones out of people’s hands. Good on them.

We have yet to hear from other carriers in terms of this new software update, but my guess is that they will all roll it out before long.

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