DEAL: Verizon Promo Code Knocks 20% Off Phones, Brings 32GB Pixel XL to $615


Verizon is currently running one of the better deals on smartphones we have seen in a while. How does 20% off a phone sound? That includes Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL, by the way. 

If you head to Verizon to buy a phone and then do so with a device payment plan, toss in code “SAVE20” at checkout and 20% will drop off the price. That discount brings the Pixel XL 32GB to $615.99 ($154 off, $25.66/mo) and the regular Pixel 32GB to $519.99 ($130 off, $21.66/mo). Not bad, right? Pair that code with Verizon’s up-to-$400 trade-in deal (new customers, up-to-$300 for current) for Pixels and you can walk away without paying much for Google’s new phone.

The code may work for all smartphones at Verizon, though I haven’t been able to test them all. I did test the code as both new and current customer and it seemed to work.

If for some reason that code isn’t working, Verizon is also letting current customer use “SMART100” to shave $100 off smartphone purchases with payment plan.


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