Shipment Department at Google Running '3 Weeks Behind' on Pixel Orders


The following story seems to run each year, but here we go again. According to an online chat between 9 to 5 Google and a Google representative, the shipping department handling Pixel and Pixel XL orders is running “3 weeks behind,” with many orders now set to ship at some point well into November.

Does that absolutely suck for anyone waiting to get their new shiny Pixel? Absolutely. Is it a good thing for Google? You better believe it. From our experience, Google is quite modest with regard to how well it thinks new devices will sell. However, considering the amount of money the company has already spent on marketing the devices (TV, newspapers, etc.), maybe Google should have better prepared for a massive amount of orders.

If you happened to order your device as soon as they went live in the Google Store, you should probably have your order already or should see it this week. If you ordered after October 4, you could be in for a wait, depending on the model and size you ordered. Basically, keep checking your status page and keep your fingers crossed. Not much else you can do, really.

Anyone here anxiously awaiting their order to be fulfilled?

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