HTC, Under Armour Apparently Making a Smartwatch Running Android Wear


According to two leaked images, HTC and Under Armour have teamed up again, working to produce a fitness-focused smartwatch running Android Wear. In case you missed it, this wouldn’t be HTC’s first time working with Under Armour, as earlier this year they launched the UA HealthBox, featuring a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, and smart weight scale.

There are not many details floating around for this “halfbreak” device quite yet, but we can see there is a completely circular display with no flat tire (ambient light sensors). No word yet on processor, RAM, or exact sizing.

Provided it is made for Under Armour’s marketing purposes, it’s a safe bet that it will be made specifically for the fitness crowd. The watch should come with heart rate tracking, calorie burn counting, sweat resistance, and other various workout-centric use cases.

We are nearing the holiday shopping season, which is always best for the launch of fitness devices, since many always say that a New Year’s resolution will be to take better care of themselves. However, if we are only now just seeing leaked images, we may be too late to see a launch. It’s also possible HTC and UA will show off this device at CES in January, as that’s where they debuted the HealthBox.


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