T-Mobile Extends Offer of Free High-Speed Data in South America and Europe Until 2017


T-Mobile announced this morning it will extend its current offering of free high-speed “unlimited” data to all users who are traveling throughout South America and Europe. Specifically, customers on a post-paid account receive this benefit at no extra cost, while also not having to activate or deactivate the feature. It’s simply built right into the plan. 

Now, do note that T-Mobile’s “unlimited” LTE data does not qualify for users attempting to tether. Additionally, T-Mobile does not specify if there is a certain cap at which point LTE speeds will be throttled down. As stated by T-Mobile, so long as you are in one of the supported regions, and in the range of a tower, you should have no problems using your data.

For a look at the specific areas where this feature is usable, look below.

This particular promotion from T-Mobile will cease on December 31, 2016.

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