T-Mobile Customers Hit With Nationwide LTE Outage Last Night During 'Scheduled Maintenance'


While many were asleep last night, T-Mobile’s LTE network saw a nationwide outage. According to the company’s official Twitter, the issue was acknowledged at 12:31AM Pacific (3:31AM Eastern). Two hours later, at 2:47AM Pacific, they tweeted that they were back online. 

A spokesperson for T-Mobile told Fierce Wireless that the outage occurred during scheduled maintenance time, and that if any customers were still experiencing issues, they should reboot their devices.

Of course, Verizon was unsympathetic towards T-Mobile and John Legere, with one PR representative claiming on Twitter, “I’m pretty sure that we won’t hear a peep from John Legere or Neville Ray about the T-Mobile network for a long long time.” Ouch, what a burn.

Have you been experiencing issues with your T-Mobile connection?

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