Verizon CFO: Silly People, You "Don't Need Unlimited Data"


As other carriers have introduced new (mostly shady) unlimited data plan options, Verizon continues to field questions about whether or not it will do the same. The continued questioning is fair, since this is the company who claimed in 2015 they were a “leader” and not a follower when asked about joining the rest of the industry in rollover data features, only to do just that, join them a year later.

So what did soon-to-be-retired CFO Fran “ShamWow” Shammo have to say when asked about unlimited data plans on Verizon, this morning? Only that “at the end of the day, people don’t need unlimited plans.” You hear that, people, you don’t need unlimited data. 

This isn’t a new take from Shammo. Back in January, he said that they wouldn’t even “entertain” unlimited data any time soon. That, of course, is because companies like Verizon like tiers. Why do they like tiers? Because tiers allow them to make money, by talking customers into paying for things they may need and then offering them upgrades to even more expensive things they potentially may need. With unlimited, there are no options to upgrade to. See the problem there?

Well, Verizon, your unlimited plans could return and then you could sneakily rob your customers by throttling their streaming to less than HD, adding on HD streaming upgrade fees, killing tethering without upgrades fees, etc. Just ask your friends over at T-Mobile and Sprint about that!

Anyways, no unlimited plans for you, Verizon customers. You don’t need them.

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