Allo Site Goes Live! But You Still Can't Install It Just Yet (UPDATED: YES YOU CAN!)


Rumors from the beginning of the week pegged September 21 as the day that Google’s Allo messenger would finally arrive and those rumors appear to be correct. Moments ago, Google pushed live the new Allo website and a promotional video, both of which have links to Google Play and iTunes as if the app is available to be downloaded. (EDIT: SEE BELOW!) 

It’s not available just yet, though. If you click through the Google Play link below, you should see the old Allo listing that allows you to register for updates. If you click through an iOS/iTunes link, a message pops up to let you know that the app isn’t available yet.

Because the app will more than likely go live very soon, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Anyone seeing it available for installation? If so, give us that .apk.

UPDATE: Google has now announced availability, say that it will reach the globe over the next few days.

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