Don’t Miss These Android Stories: September 16, 2016


Another week in the books at Droid Life. When we look back at this past week years from now, what will we remember most? Most likely, we will recall Samsung making the Galaxy Note 7 recall completely official, urging all owners to “power down and exchange immediately.” Oh yes, good times for Samsung.

On top of the Note 7 recall drama, Google apparently renamed the Nexus Launcher to Pixel Launcher (which we checked out in a video), Motorola attempted to trick a few Apple fans into thinking Apple is still awesome, and we learned that Moto, LG, and Huawei won’t be bringing any new Android Wear devices to market this year.

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    Monday Poll: How Often Do You Upgrade Phones?

    We know that Samsung brings us a new Galaxy S towards the end of Q1, followed by launches from LG and HTC.We know that Motorola then shows up in the summer, while the Galaxy Note arrives end of summer, just before iPhones and Google’s phones.
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    CES 2017: What's In Our Bags?

    Should you need more specific information on the equipment, ask us in the comments and we would be happy to enlighten you.As you can see, Kellen will be managing the bulk of camera equipment we bring down to CES.
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    Reuters: Fire Breaks Out at Samsung SDI Facility, Faulty Batteries to Blame

    Ever wonder what Samsung was doing with all of the faulty batteries from the Galaxy Note 7?Well, apparently, many of them were being housed inside of a Samsung SDI plant in China.
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    How to Tell if Your New Galaxy Note 7 is Safe

    And because they do, that also means you might have a new Note 7 to pickup (at least one of our readers picked one up Saturday) and are probably wondering how you can tell if this new Note 7 in your pocket is safe or not.Like we reported on Friday, Samsung will indeed make the battery indicator on new phones green to show that you are using a Note 7 that is from the new safe wave.