Chrome 53 Offers Better Power Management and Speed, Support for Android Pay


With the launch of Chrome 53, Google is bringing improvements in battery performance and overall speed to everyone. Shown off in a video of Chrome 53 running against Chrome 46, the machine running Chrome 53 lasts 2+ hours longer while streaming videos, confirming the browser’s upgrades in the battery performance department. 

According to Google, Chrome for Mac now uses 33 percent less power for everything from videos and images to simple page scrolling. On the speed side, Chrome is more than 15% faster on both desktop and Android, which is a good thing for us.

Also launched inside of Chrome 53 is support for Android Pay. Now, when shopping through the web, paying for your items is made easy, so long as your bank supports it. Seamless payments is made possible by the introduction of support for the PaymentRequest web standard.

To see more details on what Chrome 53 offers, read Google’s blog below. While you’re at it, watch Chrome 53 dominate some Vimeo.

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