Apple's iPhone 7 Event Live Chat! 🔥🔥🔥


The iPhone 6ss is coming today. Well, some antenna lines appear to have moved, according to leaks on leaks, so we can probably call it the iPhone 7. Yeah, that thing is coming today. Because that sort of moment is going down and we find deep pleasure in talking about moments like this, we’ll be live chatting it up along with you. 

I’d sit here and tell you what else to expect (Maybe a new Apple Watch and some Android features? Bokeh ball invention?), but I haven’t followed any of the new iPhone saga outside of its antenna lines. Oh, and that whole headphone jack disappearing thing. That should go over well.

Either way, the presentation is being live streamed starting at 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern).

To watch the live stream from Apple along with us, you can do so at Apple’s site here. They appear to be supporting streaming through both Safari and Microsoft’s EDGE browser. Innovative!

Our live chat is below.

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