September's Android Security Update is Rolling Out With First Nougat Patch


Google is pushing out September’s Android security update to Nexus devices today and has done so by already publishing both factory image and OTA .zip files. This is the first security patch for Nougat and that means new Android 7.0 builds for a few devices. They also provided the typical security bulletin as well. 

As of right now, we have new Android 7.0.0 files for the Pixel C (NRD90R), Nexus 5X (NRD90S), Nexus 9 WiFi (NRD90R), and Nexus Player (NRD90R).

We are also getting new Android 6.0.1 files for the Nexus 6P (MTC20L), Nexus 5X (MTC20K), Nexus 5 (MOB31E), Nexus 6 (MMB30W, MOB31E), and Nexus 9 LTE (MOB31E).

NOTE: We don’t know what’s going on with the Nexus 6P. Should files go up, we’ll be sure to update this post.

You can grab each image or OTA file at the links below. For instructions on how to flash a factory image, here you go. For instructions on how to flash an OTA .zip file, here you go.

UPDATE:  Nexus 6P’s new 6.0.1 image is now up.

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