It's Official: Samsung Stops Galaxy Note 7 Sales Over Battery Concerns, Will Replace Yours in Coming Weeks


With speculation running wild over whether or not Samsung would issue a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 due to battery cell issues (explosions!), Samsung released a statement this morning acknowledging the issue and confirming the number of reported cases globally. They didn’t stop there, though, and are now fully stopping sales momentarily while working towards a fix for the issue and a replacement program for all current owners of the device. Yes, this would be a recall on a massive scale. 

According to Samsung, there have been only 35 reported cases of an exploding battery cell, but because “customers’ safety is an absolutely priority,” they have stopped sales for the time being as they continue an inspection through their suppliers.

As for you and your Galaxy Note 7, Samsung plans to replace it within the coming weeks, if you want them to. This will be a voluntary recall where you can get another brand new Note 7, because you just never know if your phone has a battery issue or not.

The NY Times is reporting that Samsung is recalling some 2.5 million devices that are in-stores and in the hands on consumers.

Once we know more on this recall and how you can get a new phone, we’ll be sure to pass along info.

UPDATE: A second Samsung statement said they are working with carrier partners to announce details of a US product exchange program as soon as today. That’s good news for those worried about being without a phone for an extended period of time. Stay tuned.


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